Map Update

ReborneLogik posted Aug 15, 18

"Whoa a map update?? What??" Calm down it will be ok as long as you can follow the instructions. Yes there is a map update but everything will be brought over, as long as you follow this, to the new one. So then why are we updating, well as all of you know the ocean and caves suck, so thanks to Chicken, we are about to fix that. As well as mine-able emeralds too. It will still be the same earth map, but without the chunk errors from the host change. So then what you have to do is give me the EXACT coordinators of your town/ anything you want to keep by pressing F3 and looking at the X/Y/Z values. You also have to give them to me from the SOUTH WEST corner and the NORTH EAST corner. it will just be a square so make sure you keep everything in it. Also make sure you look at the Y depth and height to make sure everything is included height wise, dont forget about any secret stuff. The survey will stop on Monday 20th, 2018 at 10:00 am EST, the server will also be shut down at that time as everything gets brought over. MAKE SURE EVERYTHING IN YOUR INVENTORY IS IN A CHEST BEFORE THAT TIME, just in case things mess up with your player profile. Now for the disclaimer. *If items/structures are lost during the move, that is your fault and it will not be replaced unless an actual error, like me messing it up, occurs. The old map will be deleted before so there will literally be no way to get it back. So dont complain to me or the other admins about it* Ok well then, if you have any questions just ask ReborneLogik. Also all of the responses are hidden to only me, so dont be worried that people may see secret stuff.


TOWN: Kaiwhakahaere

SW: 31670/170/12074

NE: 32309/0/11342

use this link:

1.13 News

Justin posted Jul 17, 18

With the expected launch of 1.13 tomorrow, we are currently planning the update. This update is a massive one and is expected to break many things on our server. In order to combat this we plan on introducing a round of testing later tonight with a prebuild of 1.13 running on a copy of our server. Information on how to help out will be posted here later.

I’m back!

ReborneLogik posted Jul 6, 18

Hey everyone, I’m getting some more free time so I’ve been able to be on for the past week everyday. I’ll continue to do so as much as I can. I’m also happy to see the server growing over the past week as well. Also am super happy to see how into it people are getting and seeing people reunite many years after the original server was shut down. As always, if you need anything just ask me. Have fun! 

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