Space Update

By ReborneLogik o - Posted Feb 26, 19

Space has been updated with some cool new features:

1: Space access is now re-enabled, with some new planets.

2: There is now oxygen in the space world if you are in a structure that is closed up. And no oxygen if you are in the open.

3: There is now gravity in space and exon, affecting jumping, item dropping, and arrow shooting.

4: There is now a rocket to get into space. It will be implemented better in the future, but its currently accessed by /mcpe launch *
this is in beta, wear slime boots, you wont die when you go to space now, but you may if it kicks you for flying, so you wont die on the way back down. Also make sure nothing is above you as the rocket will explode if there is.*

I have also added bigdoors, and /ghost to remove ghost blocks made from mcmmo. Here is the link for the doors so you can see how to use it.

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