Content Update #1: Space

By ReborneLogik o - Posted Oct 2, 18

Well, the long wait is finally over, and Space has been released. New to MCPE or just don't know that all means, below is the full patch notes for the update. This update is pretty large, so I am bound to miss something.

Patch Notes:

- Added 6 new worlds, one being Space itself, a void world, and 5 being custom generated ones. 

- Built the Space Stations around each planet.

- Added new Movecraft types, all new ones will be under a header in the forum post.

- Added new Cannons, descriptions will be in a forum post on how they are made/fired. 

- Added, and will continue to add, new plugins in regards to space and its planets. F.E. Elite Mobs, SlimefunOres, and others.

- Added new economy based things in the form of the market.

- Added a newly generated Nether with an enhanced Nether plugin.

- There were countless hours of back-end work to make this all come together that is boring and you won't want to know. 

Those are the main points, but again there are many other things that make this update what it is. So the other question you may be wondering is how do I access this new content. Well everyone will have the perm to warp to space, but you will die from a lack of oxygen unless you build the Space Suit in slimefun. Then to find the new planets, you'll have to explore the frontier to find the port for each planet that you use to warp to the planet itself. 

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