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The Draco Empire pledges protection of the Trader's Guild

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Today, December 11th 3252 AUC, Princeps Athens Dracnoian Guntarus hereby announces that the Trader's Guild created by Niner shall be from here onward protected in full by the military of the Draco Empire, and should trouble befall the Guild, it shall be ensured that the militarties of the townships of Draco, Portugal, Los Maricones and any future townships that pledge loyalty to the Princeps come to the aid of the Guild.

The Guild shall not be in any way affiliated politically with the government of the Draco Empire, and the Draco Empire shall pledge that it shall not interfear in any way with the works of the Guild, as the unbias nature of the Guild is critical to maintain, and vise versa.

If any member of the Guild is harmed whilst of Guild duty, if any items or treasures are stolen from the Guild, if any block owned by the Guild is harmed, or if the Guild is prevented from doing it's duties, the Draco Empire shall intercede.

If the Guild's leaders leave the Draco Empire, this protection shall NOT be nullified, the Guild, so long as it remains unbias will be protected by the Empire no matter what nation, town or entity it is in.
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I would like to approve the guild
Posted Apr 11, 19
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