Today, Princeps Athens Dracnoian Guntarus officially signs into law a bill which shall stardize for use across the Draco Empire, a steady and consistant Calender. This calender shall be known as the Dracnoian Calender, though it shall not differ much from the Julian calender. For the longest time, the Draco Empire has used three different types of calenders, the Julian, Roman and Exon-Zephrus calenders. The Julian Calender uses twelve months to date time across the Earth, and is based on the amount of rotations the Earth makes around Sol, however, the numbering of it's years are based on death of Jesus Christ.

The Roman Calender uses the exact same measurements as the Julian calender, however bases the years on the founding of the great city Roma. Finally the Exon-Zephrus calender uniquely bases it's time on the amount of rotations Exon makes around it's star, however this calender is only used by a minority of Zephrusians.

Due to historical significance, the Draco Empire shall from here adopt the Roman Calender as it's primary way of telling time. We shall however rename it to the Draconian Calender. This calender shall be used by all provinces and townships within the Draco Empire.

The date is December 10th, 3253 Ab Urbe Conditae.

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