The Totoean Agenda

  1. The Totoean Empire encourages conflict amongst players, as they view it as a fundamental part of the Minecraft Planet Earth (MCPE) experience. We do accept towns that are un-hypocritically attempting peace with others, but not ones that have ambitions of becoming an Empire. We especially encourage those that have ambitions of becoming Empires to not back down or quit the server after a defeat.
  2. The Totoean Empire generally will not interfere with events on Earth (diplomatic affairs, wars, debates, etc…) unless there is a threat to Toto’s sovereignty or to the server as a whole. Threats that do appear will be dealt with accordingly1.
  3. The Totoean Empire has the right to collect the heads of anyone on Earth. Including those that have bases on other worlds. Those that refuse to give their heads will be hunted down relentlessly, but will not be warred. In the case that a player’s head is acquired, the Totoean Empire will cease hunting the player, but may ask for any heads that they acquire in the future.
  4. Head Hunting, as an activity, is restricted to those who have gained proper approval from a legitimate member of the town of Toto. Those that are found Head Hunting without proper approval will be considered enemies of the Totoean Empire and will be dealt with accordingly.
  5. Those that are immediate neighbors to Toto on Earth will be considered friends unless a situation appears where this friendship can no longer go on. Settling a town or making an outpost near Totoean claims to possibly take advantage of this provision will not count and could be seen as an act of war.
  6. Toto considers Imperialism to be an offensive indicative of war. We consider this to include such actions as:
    Claimblocking2 newer towns, having massive claims. (10 000+ chunks), outlining3 large areas of the map, and having an excessive amount of outposts in one dimension. This does not apply to the End or Nether, but instead worlds that are limited in size (ie. Earth, Exon, etc…).
  7. Toto is unanimously against the formation of supernations. Supernations are either a single nation or a collective of nations that identify themselves as one entity, that have 40 or more members, as well as 10 or more towns. Toto considered supernations to be a threat to the server and will deal with them according to their behaviour.
  8. We will not tolerate the blocking of the space dimension to the general player population. Those that attempt to do so will be dealt with accordingly.
  9. Those attempting space colonization on any planet (not including Tolkien) must first inform a legitimate member of Toto before attempting to set an outpost. If no information about an outpost is given beforehand, the Totoean Empire may take this as an aggressive move towards it, and will act accordingly.
  10. The planet, “Pelao” should be considered off-limits to anyone attempting space colonization. Any person, town, or nation attempting to settle a base or outpost on Pelao without proper permission from Toto’s current leader will immediately be declared an enemy and warred without exception. Any party attempting to even set foot on Pelao without proper permission may also face a war declaration.
  11. This manifesto is subject to change by Toto. Any harsh questioning of Toto’s motives based off of the manifesto could be considered an offense and will then be dealt with accordingly.

1 Acts may include: asking for tribute, warnings, threats, claimblocking, war, etc…
2 Using towny claims to claim chunks around another town’s claims, preventing them from expanding.
3 Using towny claims to claim a circle around many chunks to make it appear on the dynmap as if they are claimed.