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Code of Conduct for The 4th Reich

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Code of Conduct

Law 1: Anybody who does not believe in jesus in anyway will be sent to the camps for intense work. Any form of Christianity is allowed including Free Masons or Mawsonian beliefs, but this dose not allow any cults involving Satan or Satanists.

Law 2: Citizens shall not attack or spook the Fuhrer in any harmful form.

Law 3: No citizen in the 4th Reich shall kill another citizen of the Reich at any point for little to non reason. This includes TPA killing or TPA trapping.

Law 4: Vandalism (Griefing) shall not be preformed at any point for any reason (besides war) in a outsiders town or in a 4th Reich town. Vandalism shall be punished with a sentence to the Consentration camps.

Law 5: Heavy stealing from other citizens is not promited. You will get off free for using stuff to make stuff or to build, but for example if you steal 128 diamonds and 100 dollars from a fellow citizen or mayor a jury of people in public shall deside if you should be sent to a camp, inprisioned or kicked from your town.

Review the Constitutions about who passes the laws.
Fuhrer of the Reich: AddyF
Cabinet: none
God save the king!
Posted Oct 25, 18 · OP · Last edited Mar 8, 19
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Atlantis voices disapproval towards Law 1 and Law 4.
Posted Oct 26, 18
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