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What is Llamaism on MCPE about?
Llamaism is a religion about llama. If you pray to the llama god once a week you will become a Llama in Heaven and graze feilds of wheat all day. Llamaism has popes like the Llamaism of old had. This Llama papacy is a reincarnation of the inca Llamaism and NorthWest Llamaism from Earthmc, for more info visit and

Llama Bible

Life, Llama, and Sin. The three words that created this religion. Llamas dotted the landscape of the world. Llama the first added water to your seas. Land to your nations. Food for your crops, and animals for your people. The god Llama the First will become the pope. Only the pope will be allowed to eat wheat, and anyone else who eats it will be executed by being thrown into a pit of fire and lava.

Reigning pope: EmperorMustache the first

Rules of Llamaism

1.    Do not steal.;
2.    Do not rape;
3.    Do not torture;
4.    Do not kill humans for no reason;
5.    Do not kill Llamas;
6.    Do not own a poisonous potato because they are the sign of the hell;
7.    Do not come in contact with lava;
8.    Do not own a weapon that is meant to attack or kill people except for the next reasons: It is allowed to protect yourself; It is allowed to use in a war you are called for by your leader.

Past popes

Llama Heaven
llama Heaven is a place full of emeralds in the warm nice climate of south america. Llama followers run around the heavens grazing on wheat feilds and bread.

Llama Hell
Llama Hell is a very Hellish place. Hell is full of gold a useless block, lava, magma blocks, and is located in the sun.
When you complete your live with 1-6 sins you go to heaven and you will be a alpaca. When you complete live with 7-12 sins you go to heaven and you’ll be a guanaco. When you complete live with 13-30 sins you go to heaven and you will be a vicuña. When you kill or hurt a llama, alpaca or a human or 31+ sins you go to hell.

Llamaist Nations

Maybe Germany soon working on it.


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HolyDalaiLlama (past pope)
Posted Oct 19, 18 · OP · Last edited Nov 5, 18
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Ulm is now open to the public. If you would like to become a follower of the papacy you must simpely do /t spawn Ulm. The shine to Llama's should be on a crafting bench once you do /t spawn Ulm.
Posted Oct 26, 18 · OP
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