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Bw1 News Network #2 American-Atlas War, Burma demanding Australian debt, and Space patch news

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BW1 News Network #2 9/8/18

USA in Danger of War?

Garrett exposed the leader of Quatland of murdering a member of the Caribbean Union Hacky232. According to Hacky232 the leader quatsparkles accused hacky of stealing his horse armor and then shortly after killed him. Quatsprinkle also accused Owl of crimes with no evidence to back it up. Garrett got officially involved when quat surrounded the peaceful town of Haerodale . Garrett angered by the crimes of Quatland announced on the server that he would be invading Quatland for punishment. Quatsparkles certainly has to answer to his crimes but it is unknown if Garrett will be willing to handle this diplomatically.

"Killed me over fucking Horse Armor" -Hacky232

Burma pressures Australia to pay Debt

After the Australian independence act from the United States it shortly after joined another nation called the Solomon Islands. Burma has pressured to let go of all Australian funding's unless Australia pays there large debt of over $2,500 in the span of 1 month. Burma has promised to largely move the Australian funding to several Asian nations if Australia does not comply. Australia has refused to pay this debt and Burma has warned of taking military action against this.

Server Map Issues and Space Patch

The server map has stopped working and its cause is still unknown. The mods have no estimated time but it may be from a few hours to days. The space patch has also officially been announced at the discord. There are many planets and the space race is bound to begin soon. Many images have been posted on the discord teasing the new space update including a very large space station which is thought to be a platform for Spaceships.
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nice newspaper, you should write more
God save the king!
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