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The Dawn of Brunei

Today the former leader of Norway Araciel created a new town called Brunei. The Comintern have promised protection for the new town against a possible return of Indonesia. It is unknown what the response of the idle Indonesian Empire will be but if it returns it could be a possible threat to the long lasting peace in Asia.

Possible Space Patch?


Logik has teased a update including planets and a space race with a possible reward. It'd be interesting who would win in such a space race. It is unknown how spaceship and how to get to planet would work in this new update. It is coming soon and it is time to prepare!

Australia joining the United States

After the fall of Sri Lanka today the player babywolf111 created a new Australia funded by Burma. After a diplomatic talk with the Leader of the United States bunny, Australia officially joined the United States for protection against possible colonizers. Experts believe that the Burman withdrawal of there funding of the new Australia forced them to join the US for a stabilized income of money. Burma has continued to collect small money to clear the large Australian debt but Australia may live a short life with lack of recourses and money to continue.