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Sardinia Settimanale Drei

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👌🏼 Sardinia Settimanale Drei👌🏼
by 8bitRobot


- Gibraltar opened
- 8bitRobot becomes mayor
- Sardinia becomes German
- kevlarballoons does shit
- map

😁 Gibraltar Opened 😁
August 12th, 2018

8bitRobot finally broke the blocks preventing access to the mediterranean through Gibraltar. Despite weeks of player O_7337 insisting that the canal be closed due to protection, 8bit finally made the decision to break the wood blocks in the way. This was due to international pressure and even threats of war, which 8bit did his best to avoid. This also preceded an attempt by player kevlarballoons to move the wood blocking the canal with a movecraft. Free travel to and from the Mediterranean is now possible without a barrier. There are future plans of expanding and possibly building an international port in the Gibraltar outpost. For now however, these plans are at the bottom of 8bit's to-do list in Sardinia.

🤖 8bitRobot becomes Sardinian mayor 🤖
August 31st, 2018

After countless suggestions by other players and even staff approval, 8bitRobot finally decided that Sardinia would go nowhere with the previous leader, V_Mac_Carthaig, inactive for over a month and needed an active mayor to have progress. 8bitRobot has, however, stated that he will willingly (if requested) give the mayor position back to V_Mac_Carthaig upon the return of the player. 8bit plans to expand Sardinia's land claims, and build more infrastructure (roads, bridges, public areas) for the town, including a road system in north Italy and Corsica. He also plans on finally starting his project of an international port in Gibraltar.

O_7337, the king of the French Empire, is also currently inactive. 8bit requested that the capital of the nation be moved to Sardinia and him made king, in order to actively run the nation, keep it alive, and possibly invite new towns. He will also give the position back upon the return of O_7337.

🇩🇪 Deutsch Sardinien 🇩🇪
September 1st, 2018

8bitRobot, who was made king of the French Empire only the day before, has given up his position as king to _MrZuperAwesome, who had made the town Germany a few days prior. He renamed the nation to 4th Reich following the power change. The motives behind this were both peace and protection. As king, 8bit was warned by some players that _MrZuper was planning to expand his town and eventually form a nation of his own. This was a major threat to the French Empire, which has a town, Alsace, situated not far from Germany. If _MrZuper were to expand, he would certainly declare war on the French Empire in order to get the land. 8bit was also not willing to give up the town. 8bit believed that the only way to avoid future war is to join _MrZuper, rather than resist him. _MrZuper also has a close relationship with the Caribbean Union, which the French Empire had previously had conflict with. The second motive was protection, which would greatly benefit the towns of the French Empire. The nation, at the time, was the weakest on the server, with very few movecrafts and defenses. In addition, the nation's one active player (8bit) had much less war experience than _MrZuper, who has a reputation for being tough in war. _MrZuper would certainly help improve the town's defenses, making this a strategic move that benefits both _MrZuper and 8bit as well as the longevity of the French towns.

🎈 kevlarballoons does shit (again)🎈
September 3rd, 2018

Player kevlarballoons, who had been lended O_7337's town Nouvelle-Aquitaine by approval from the staff members and 8bitRobot, has deleted the town against the will of the staff and his superior _MrZuper. The motives for this action are not fully known, but kevlarballoons seemed to have been upset at the fact that other players were pissed at him for his actions towards them, especially Garrett119, who's actions have been nonetheless justified. This has been perceived as a hostile action towards the 4th Reich, who have made an agreement to attempt to destroy any future towns that kevlarballoons attempts to make. This is an unfortunate moment in the server's history, as a town that had existed for months was senselessly killed. Thousands of dollars have been lost, and unfortunately there is no way to restore the town. The 4th Reich has warned the server that any looting or griefing of buildings formerly claimed by Nouvelle-Aquitaine will be viewed as a hostile action towards the nation. 8bitRobot has planned to claim some of the land previously part of Nouvelle-Aquitaine, but unfortunately does not have many claim plots left in Sardinia.

Das Sardische Reich (lol)
as of September 6th, 2018

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Very interesting!
Posted Sep 8, 18

Posted Sep 8, 18
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nice! I was wondering what all those random outposts were
God save the king!
Posted Oct 26, 18
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