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The Antillean Times, 2nd Issue

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The Antillean Times


Form new nation: Atlas Empire

Today, September 4, 2018, two nation of the Caribbean Union have decided to secede from the nation. Haerodale, led by Rileydevon, and Atlantis, led by Garrett119, have created a new nation: The Atlas Empire.
Atlantis became the capital city, and the Times interviewed the new leader, Garrett119.

"It only exists so I can have free to declare war"

The impression from our interview was that the nation holds no animosity towards the Caribbean Union, however, it plans on using its military when necessary, which these two towns were unable to do easily in the Caribbean Union.
The nation is working to become an economic and military powerhouse and is named after Garrett119's company, Atlas Co. Only time will tell is the Atlas Empire will succeed.

Here's the interview:

Q: Why did you secede from the Caribbean Union?
Garrett119 wrote:
"It [The Atlas Empire] only exists so I can have free to declare war"

Q: What are your goals for your new nation (military, political, economic, infrastructure)?
Garrett119 wrote:
"[Our goal is] to make an economic empire along with the military to defend it."

Q: Why did you choose the name "Atlas Empire"
Garrett119 wrote:
"Same name as my company... Atlas Co."


Caribbean Union Population Decreases

After a month of steady growth, the Caribbean Union's population has greatly decreased. This large, one-day drop is partly due to the loss of Atlantis and Haerodale. Another high-profile loss was of former Bahamas Mayor AddyF, who passed leadership to LoreleiF and TheCarlagas, who left the Lesser Antilles to create Oceanica in the Indian Ocean.

Antillean Times Complex Nears Completion

Newly-Completed Antillean Times South Tower:
The Antillean Times Complex construction first began in early August. The first towers, the West Towers, were completed on August 10. They include an underwater entrance, a skybridge connecting the two towers, and a helipad between the two towers. The second tower, the South Tower, was completed on September 3, 2018. It includes a helipad and multiple roof greenery. It has a water-surface entrance. The final tower, the North Tower, has yet to be designed, but is set to be completed by September 31, 2018.
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Atlantis is back in the nation and if Haerodale hasn't rejoined already they voiced their intention to do so to me. The nation was temporary.
Posted Sep 5, 18
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