Ban Reason: "toxicity, extensive swearing, and harrassment"

Time: 24 hrs (1d)

So uh, ban appeal. Let's start with some background. For some time, 2 factions of players have been fighting each other. One is clearly strong enough to destroy the other, but the other has had towny permissions and war rules protecting them (because the war rules were not balanced properly). I was backed into a corner where I could either vaguely break the rules or I could allow the faction of weaker players to trample not only myself, but everyone in my nation. I couldn't attack them back because they had no nation and didn't have any buildings to attack even if I could attack them in the first place. The staff has even acknowledged the war rules are broken by their recent tweaking of the war rules. However, due to the way the rules were less than 3 hours before I write this, even though these players were attacking me and plotting to attack me, any way in which I responded would lead to breaking the rules. I could ignore them, in which case they would kill me using slimefun uranium. The interesting thing about slimefun uranium is, it can kill players in no-pvp zones. Therefore, they could walk up to me in the required leather armor, and give it to me, thereby directly killing me with no risk to themselves. Fun fact: a player did this in the past on this server (before the new server), and it led (rightfully, in my opinion) to them being banned for it, because they were going around towny to kill someone. Given that I know they intend to kill me with uranium, perhaps I should knock some sense into them, right? After all, I have better equipment, they're just using the rules and towny to their advantage! Wrong. For my hostility towards them: which was created by their hostility towards me, I was banned. The only offenses I can think of are these (and I will explain my side):

1) I killed RareMonet a few times. This is probably not the reason for my ban, because it would be absurd if it were. Essentially, a new player joins the server. RareMonet kills them repeatedly. I go to where they are and I kill RareMonet for really just being a jerk. It turns out later that the newbie was consenting to be murdered, as it was a money making scheme. However, I think that's besides the point, I didn't know it at the time because the newbie was literally asking for help in chat. He asked for help again later. He also requested to join my town, and looking back, he likely intended to grief me. Luckily I was uneasy enough to refuse.

2) Cussing. I did cuss a lot at these players, that I must admit. However, in my opinion, my cussing was caused by the stress of the knowledge they're going after me with uranium. They intended to kill me, and they seemed to taunt me by pretending they have no idea why we have issues, which I found incredibly upsetting and annoying, and frankly it pissed me off that they could pretend to be so nice with such awful intentions.

I also must complain that some of those who aggravated me to act this way were let off with a stern warning. That's just an insult to me. That to me says, "it's ok to use the rules as a weapon." Which is exactly what they did. Even after their warning, I still see messages in our discord referring to how my mother's conception of me was a mistake... Need I really say anymore?

If you read through the whole thing, I appreciate you spending the time to read it. I hope that maybe the information I'm giving at least informed players what's really been going on since discord is always flooded by the same 5 people calling me a murderer all the time.