The Nation Leader has late last night signed the Constitution to the Pan-American Union, thereby marking the beginning of the complex government of the Pan-American Union and the end of absolute rule. As the Constitution is officially in effect following this Decree, this is the last decree made soley on the orders of the Nation Leader.

All previous rules and regulations regarding the creation of outposts in Europe are now null and void. Any and all Pan-American Union member towns may claim outposts in Europe as they see fit.

The in-game book named "The Constitution" by "Garrett119" is the supreme law of the land. Any discrepancies in the Constitution are to be decided by the Nation Leader - but that decision may be appealed in the High Court.

In order to protect our nation, military outposts are to be be created in order to deter attack from any region of the world.

The Construction of the Suez Canal is to be funded and completed by our nation, but it should be claimed by natural inhabitants of the region on the agreement any and all Pan-American Union trade or travel may pass free of charge. An outpost should be made nearby to assist the natives in protection of the Canal from any imperial force.

All warfare and international quarrels should go through either New Managua or the High Court of our nation, where the High Court's decision takes precedence.

Alternate accounts to not count towards player counts and may never hold a position of office.

All military affairs excepting a declaration of war are to be handled by the nation leader.