Federation of Aquitaine 
Chenonceaux Palace
Aix-En-Provence, Kingdom of Provence

Public statement from HM The King:

Ladies and Gentlemen, 

Due to the recent events in Sardinia, the Aquitaine Royal Government officially bans “GuardedCharlie” from any of its cities and territories around the world. As King, I will call an emergency cabinet meeting to discuss our options and retaliation. Any and all options available to us will be utilized. The Aquitaine Government will not tolerate any injustices committed against our citizens. We call upon the United Nations to work in conjunction with us to right the wrongs committed against the Sardinian people and the Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Aquitaine. The Kingdom of Provence will aid our Sardinian allies financially and in any other way possible. We sincerely hope this terrible situation is favorably solved as soon as possible. 

Vive L’Aquitaine, Vive la Provence, et Vive le Roi!