The United Nations has finished construction on July 17, 2018. Even though it was built way before it is necessary, the people expressed their need for such a building. So ReborneLogik decided to construct one and have it protected from any harm that may happen to the building. Located in the southernmost point to Greenland, makes it an ideal location for the World to gather for summits.
Above is the main entrance for the UN. It was built by ReborneLogik, but 8bitRobot helped substantially to make the building look good and detailed. The lights automatically come on at night to help delegates arrive and depart from the UN safely. Flags for the corresponding nations will be added as they are founded. Already present flags are The Aquitaine Federation and Kaiwhakahaere.
The interior of the entrance built by 8bitRobot, with the stairwell to the meeting room on the right.
The main meeting room built by ReborneLogik that is based off of the House of Representatives room. The main speaker booth is located in the middle of the first tier. Only delegates or national leaders are allowed in the lower section of the chamber.
Standing in the upper landing, which is the seating for non-delegate viewers and the Media. The stairwell to it is located on the left wall right after the entrance. All are welcome to this section.
And of course, there is docking for your nations flagship ship or plane. Feel free to arrive in style to show your nations power. If you don't have one, or don't wish to bring it, you may arrive with the /warp UN command. The sky and sea docks will be expanded as the need arises.

The UN was constructed on behalf of ReborneLogik with assistance from 8bitRobot. May your nation prosper.