Days ago four powers in western Europe sharing a common ancestry and heritage banded together to form the Aquitaine Federation, becoming the first in the world to form a modern nation. On July 16, leaders representing Sardinia, Aix-en-Provence, Nantes, and Strasbourg convened in Caralis, Sardinia for their first summit to lay the foundations of the new nation. Then, they traveled to the capital city, Aix-en-Provence, to officially found the nation. Joyous celebration ensued in all four member states, as their citizens experienced newfound feelings of unity, prestige, and communion with previously foreign members of the Federation.

Four independent kingdoms saw that their future prosperity and security would be assured only by their united strength, and thus decided to make the sacrifices necessary to unify as a Federation. The Aquitaine Federation is committed to protecting all its citizens from external threats and promoting the growth of its homeland through domestic and international exchange. The AF wishes to develop friendly relations with all nations, realms, and peoples of the world regardless of size or location based on mutual respect of each other's sovereignty. Meanwhile, it will resolutely crush and mercilessly punish any threats to peace and stability in the European hemisphere by the combined force of its industrious people. While the Federation is diverse in its background, it is single-minded in its will to defend justice, stability, and its own sovereignty in the face of any adversary.

The Aquitaine Federation has a robust government in which all member states are represented. V_Mac_Carthaig, the King of Sardinia, is the Secretary of State and as such serves as the main coordinator of external relations. DerKaiser1337, the Mayor of Strasbourg, is Minister of Defense. Anasazi57, ruler of Nantes, is Minister of Finance. Taking the lead on state affairs is O_7337, King of Provence and titular head of state of the Federation. The government is to meet regularly at summits hosted by various member states, while its permanent headquarters will be in the centrally-located capital of Aix-en-Provence.

Members of the Aquitaine Federation share the Catholic Christian faith and rich cultural heritage passed down from Roman times. The Federation utilizes four official languages: French, English, Latin, and German. While French is the official language of administration, Federal signs and documents are available in all four in order for them to be accessible to the wider populace. Other vernaculars recognized at a local level are Sardinian, Italian, Corsican, and Arabic in Sardinia, Breton in Nantes, Alsatian in Strasboug, and Proven├žal in Aix-en-Provence. Aquitanian citizens take pride in their diversity, seeing themselves as having diverged from an ancient common source. Each state retains a strong sense of regional identity, often flying the local kingdom's flag besides that of the Federation. For the Federal flag, the colors green, blue, and white have been selected, reminiscent of the nation which is composed of land, sea, and France.

By dint of its unified strength the Aquitaine Federation seeks to build itself into the world's safest and grandest nation for years to come. All peace-loving people of the world are invited to establish trade and diplomatic communication with Aquitaine, and to one day visit Europe which the Federation is destined to raise to the heights of beauty and glory.