Kaiwhakahaere, Maori for administrator, is located on the northern island of New Zealand. Picked for its remote location, it was chosen to be the town for the Admins. The town is a peaceful one, and as per usual, will not take apart in any events unless it directly involves the residents of the town. The town is being built as a medieval town, which is loosely based off of Riften from Skyrim. It is still in the early stages of construction, but should be done by late September 2018. And currently being built is a meeting center for world leaders and the future world government. Though there are no intentions to compete for the place/title of main world summit, it will take the place of it until one is built by another country, or if the main summit is destroyed or compromised. As to steer away from "admin abuse," the town cannot partake in trading or other activities.
*Above is the town center for
Kaiwhakahaere as well as a tavern and ReborneLogik's home on the right.

*Above is the construction of the Summit for the future world leaders, though building and location may change.

*Above is the current state of the town, but houses and other buildings will fill the area encompassed by the wall in time.