Hi, in-game I'm V_Mac_Carthaig and I was pleased to come across a running server with the planet earth map I had played on in servers in the past. I will soon be inviting more friends to join in, and possibly create a nation together. Before, though, I wished to ask:

Who all has begun to play on the server? Have any nations been established yet? I'm interested in taking part in the governments of semi-fictional states in Europe, and I'll be willing to be fairly active once I learn of a way to claim and protect land.

Does the server have a working Dynamic Map? The page on this website comes up blank for me. Edit: The dynmap actually works great, I just saw you have to click "allow unsafe script" in the address bar to make it load.

Is there a place where we can have links to voting on different websites, so we can drum up some publicity for the server? When I clicked "Okay" on the reminder on the website, it didn't lead anywhere. Edit: Just saw the links on the front page. They might be more prominent if put as one of the website's top headers as well.