Space Update

ReborneLogik posted Feb 26, 19

Space has been updated with some cool new features:

1: Space access is now re-enabled, with some new planets.

2: There is now oxygen in the space world if you are in a structure that is closed up. And no oxygen if you are in the open.

3: There is now gravity in space and exon, affecting jumping, item dropping, and arrow shooting.

4: There is now a rocket to get into space. It will be implemented better in the future, but its currently accessed by /mcpe launch *
this is in beta, wear slime boots, you wont die when you go to space now, but you may if it kicks you for flying, so you wont die on the way back down. Also make sure nothing is above you as the rocket will explode if there is.*

I have also added bigdoors, and /ghost to remove ghost blocks made from mcmmo. Here is the link for the doors so you can see how to use it.

The reset if finally over and the server is back online. Here are the patchnotes if you want to know.

1. A new map, this is why it took a week, all props go to Garrett119 for his amazing work and dedication, truly thank you.

2. Did some minor changes to economy, as the reason it appeared broken was due to a glitch.

3. Added CrackShot, it should be balanced so dont think it will be absolute aids, the recipes are located at the tutorial.

4. Balanced movecraft by slowing them down by 25%

5. Whole bunch of behind the scenes stuff to make the server work.

6. Added 4 new space maps, and removed 5 old ones.

7. Added 1 new map that has the portal to it located somewhere on earth. Approx. location South America. There will be a hint somewhere on the content to aid further.

8. Added some new plugins, Sensible Tool Box TinkerTools, (both slimefun) Traincarts, hangrails, MyPetPremium, Survival Mechanics.

9. Fixed voting 

10. Hired 5 new helpers, so welcome to the team Samcool2298, Dracnoian, Eric_Eats_Kids, SCHOOL boy, and GummyGuy

11. Spawn is now located on Earth, as well as the tutorials.

12. Changed up some the rules, you can look at them on the website.

13. Changed discord to make it a little more neat. Also added a rules section.

14. The new host also brought a new way on how money is spent from donations, so from this point forward, almost every dollar donated will go towards content updates.

15. There were many other small things and things will be added later as always, it just late and cant remember all of what i did.


ReborneLogik posted Feb 7, 19

The poll for the reset is now closed and it is a landslide yes. So what does that mean, well on Saturday I will be installing slimefun nukes and give everyone creative for you guys to fuck around and blow stuff up, I will also force towny war. Then at 12:00 am EST Sunday, I will put the white list on the server. It will be down for 1 week and will come back the next Sunday. Please remain patient as this reset/content update occurs. 

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