Hello all, as the year is coming to a close, its time to do another content update. Here are the patch notes if you are curious. Have a great holiday season from your friends at MCPE!


  • Added three new planets Tiefenar (toxic wasteland, cords: -31568 -16232), Abyssus (oceanic world, cords: 33264 -15242), and Exon(Moon like world, cords 26648 15632). Tiefenar and Exon require space suits to live, so of course that means a better suit.
  • New Soulbound Space Suit
  • New voting rewards, now you get more money. The monthly voting rewards have been updated to.
  1. Full set of prot 9 Soul Bound Armor, and Soul Bound Elytra
  2. $20,000
  3. 1 large energy cap, 1 carbonado solar generator, I energy regulator, 1 tier 2 electric gold pan, 1 tier 1 auto anvil
  4. Soul bound Space Suit
  5. 32 Towny Claim Bonuses
  • The much anticipated Server Shop is up at /warp Shop
  • There are new ways to get money, like playing on the server to get money, killing non spawner mobs to get money, stock market, update to bitcoin, sell your excess xp with /sellxp, and some gambling plugins that will be implemented later.
    1. Stock market is effected by the real stock market of AAPL, TSLA, GOOG, NFLX, and DIS. You use the plugin by:
      1. /stocks buy <brand> <shares>
      2. /stocks popular
      3. /stocks sell <brand> <shares>
      4. /stocks portfolio
  • Jobs has been updated so you can have 4 jobs, as well as the payout for crafter and builder being doubled. I also added a fix to the negative money glitch in jobs.
  • Added a new AFK kicker, so sorry you cant afk anymore, it will destroy the economy with some of the money changes.
  • You can also buy a Warp with /warp, costs $10000 but will last forever.
  • There is a new chest cleaner plugin. More info on it here:
  • Head Database for decoration and building. More info on it here:
  • And a new transport pipes system that works with sf, also a sorting system. More info on it here:
  • You can download the resource pack for transport pipes here:


Well, the long wait is finally over, and Space has been released. New to MCPE or just don't know that all means, below is the full patch notes for the update. This update is pretty large, so I am bound to miss something.

Patch Notes:

- Added 6 new worlds, one being Space itself, a void world, and 5 being custom generated ones. 

- Built the Space Stations around each planet.

- Added new Movecraft types, all new ones will be under a header in the forum post.

- Added new Cannons, descriptions will be in a forum post on how they are made/fired. 

- Added, and will continue to add, new plugins in regards to space and its planets. F.E. Elite Mobs, SlimefunOres, and others.

- Added new economy based things in the form of the market.

- Added a newly generated Nether with an enhanced Nether plugin.

- There were countless hours of back-end work to make this all come together that is boring and you won't want to know. 

Those are the main points, but again there are many other things that make this update what it is. So the other question you may be wondering is how do I access this new content. Well everyone will have the perm to warp to space, but you will die from a lack of oxygen unless you build the Space Suit in slimefun. Then to find the new planets, you'll have to explore the frontier to find the port for each planet that you use to warp to the planet itself. 

Map Update

ReborneLogik posted Aug 15, 18

"Whoa a map update?? What??" Calm down it will be ok as long as you can follow the instructions. Yes there is a map update but everything will be brought over, as long as you follow this, to the new one. So then why are we updating, well as all of you know the ocean and caves suck, so thanks to Chicken, we are about to fix that. As well as mine-able emeralds too. It will still be the same earth map, but without the chunk errors from the host change. So then what you have to do is give me the EXACT coordinators of your town/ anything you want to keep by pressing F3 and looking at the X/Y/Z values. You also have to give them to me from the SOUTH WEST corner and the NORTH EAST corner. it will just be a square so make sure you keep everything in it. Also make sure you look at the Y depth and height to make sure everything is included height wise, dont forget about any secret stuff. The survey will stop on Monday 20th, 2018 at 10:00 am EST, the server will also be shut down at that time as everything gets brought over. MAKE SURE EVERYTHING IN YOUR INVENTORY IS IN A CHEST BEFORE THAT TIME, just in case things mess up with your player profile. Now for the disclaimer. *If items/structures are lost during the move, that is your fault and it will not be replaced unless an actual error, like me messing it up, occurs. The old map will be deleted before so there will literally be no way to get it back. So dont complain to me or the other admins about it* Ok well then, if you have any questions just ask ReborneLogik. Also all of the responses are hidden to only me, so dont be worried that people may see secret stuff.


TOWN: Kaiwhakahaere

SW: 31670/170/12074

NE: 32309/0/11342

use this link:

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